Community Activities

Hot Spring Facilities

温泉施設Ohno Associates Group hot springs are used by local residents, who delight in the high-quality natural hot spring water welling up from 1,000 meters below ground. (There are even an increasing number of customers who take our water home to have their own hot spring there.) In addition to the hot springs, our patrons have the use of on-site saunas. These “welfare facilities” are also popular with our employees.

Illegal Dumping Patrol

不法投棄パトロールOn October 24, 2009, we were pleased to take part in an action organized by the Ehime Prefectural Government Matsuyama Office Association against Illegal Dumping during which we removed and disposed of dumped waste. On the above day, together with about 50 local residents, we removed waste that had been illegally dumped deep in a mountainous area. Along with the removal work, we aimed to raise awareness of the need to prevent illegal dumping.

Road Cleaning

道路清掃As part of our community activities, our company road cleaning truck cleans surrounding roads every day, enhancing the appearance of the area and contributing to environmental hygiene.

Flower seeds

花の種子When we call on people living in the vicinity of our demolition sites or our valued customers, they are happy to receive flower seeds as presents from us.

Cherry Blossom Festival

桜祭りIn the nearby Tsuchiya district there is a beauty spot named Sakurasanri that is famous for its cherry trees. The over 320-year-old genta-zakura cherry tree (a Toon City designated natural monument) is the focal point of the Genta-Zakura cherry blossom festival, held every year in April. For Ohno Associates as a local company, taking part in the festival means carrying on local traditions and deepening our relationship with the community.

Safety Flag donation

安全横断旗を寄贈On July 16, 2010, we donated a road crossing safety flag to Ono Elementary School, to promote the safety of children going to and from school. For us as a transport business, accident prevention is a key concern. We see our donation of this flag as a contribution to road safety and crime prevention in our community.

Tuna Festival

マグロ祭りThe tuna festival was held at a local community center in December 2009. 100 kilos of Bluefin tuna caught by our employees was cut and served. Curiosity brought large numbers of local people to the event, and it turned out to be an excellent occasion for us all to get to know each other.

Consumer Education

消費者教育For the purpose of consumer education, we arrange study tours of our facilities and give lectures on environmental topics.

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