All Terrain Crane「LTM1800NX」

This newly introduced Liebherr 800-ton all-terrain crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 800 tons and a maximum 158-meter working height. We plan to put this machine’s large working radius to good use in plant construction and large-scale plant demolition projects, where it will ensure safe, efficient working.
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Basic Specifications

Lifting Load750 mt × 3.0 m
Main Boom Length16.3-52 m
Auxiliary JibFixed (Tiltable)6~62m
No. of Main Boom Stages4
Counterweights204 mt
No. 1 WinchLine Pull14.4 mt
Lifting Speed0-106 m/min
Wire Length/Diameter700 m/25 mm
No. 2 WinchLine Pull14.4 mt
Lifting Speed0-104 m/min.
Wire Length/Diameter950 m/25 mm
No. 3 Winch (with Luffing Jib)Line Pull14.4 mt
Lifting Speed0-104 m/min.
Wire Length/Diameter1005m/25mm
Max. Height above GroundMain Boom55m
Auxiliary Jib158m
Slewing Speed0-0.9rpm
Luffing [JO1] Speed (to 85°) Approx.120 secs
Boom Extension/Retraction Speed300 secs

Outline Dimensions (during operation)


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