Combined recycling plant

To meet the need for a resource-recycling society, we operate a combined recycling plant using the latest technology.


In recent years, the limits of a consumer society based on mass production and consumption have become clear, and the creation of a recycling-focused society in the 21st century is now said to be absolutely necessary. As we undergo extensive change from a waste treatment and disposal business to a company at the core of a recycling-focused society, we are convinced of the importance of commitment to meeting the needs of contemporary society, and so we have operated our combined recycling business since 2011.

Facility Layout Map

Industrial and General Waste Incineration Facility120 mt/day × 2
Contaminated Soil Calcination Treatment Facility360 mt/day × 2
Waste Wood Crushing Facility480 mt/day
Wood Chip Carbonization Facility24 mt/day × 2
Contaminated Soil Cleaning Facility720 mt/day

Main facility 2011. Established in April